The article below appeared in the North Augusta Star. You can view the entire editorial here.

North Augusta continues to be either very lucky or very savvy in its selection of folks to represent us in Columbia.

Rep. Bill Hixon has spent one session in the S.C. General Assembly and has managed to apply common sense in a world where often nothing makes sense.

His bill on joining the Interstate Wildlife Compact passed through the legislature without a hitch for one major reason – it made sense. It didn't matter whether you were a Republican or Democrat, the logic of the bill is undeniable.

Living on the state line means that we cannot ignore what happens in our neighboring state. With so many North Augustans on the river or at Clarks Hill, it is a logical step to make the rules the same on both sides of the Savannah, where hunting, fishing, boating, etc. are concerned.

It is surprising that S.C. hasn't joined the Interstate Wildlife Compact before now. It seems that most of the contiguous 48 states are already members, but South Carolina was not.

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