2024 Week 10 – Budget Week – A Blueprint for Prosperity and Growth

This past week at the State House marked a landmark moment as I, alongside my colleagues, voted to pass the 2024-2025 State Budget (H.5100). With over $1.4 billion set aside for direct tax relief, critical investments in our aging infrastructure, and focused efforts on teacher recruitment and retention, this budget is a testament to our strategic approach to nurturing economic growth, supporting our educational system, and reinforcing our dedication to veterans and public safety.

Championing Fiscal Health and Tax Relief 

This year’s careful budgeting has allowed us to provide over $624 million in new tax relief. This includes a $500 million property tax credit for homeowners, translating to an average savings of $359 per household, and an additional $100 million in individual income tax relief, cumulating to a total of $800 million. This significant tax cut demonstrates our dedication to improving the lives of South Carolinians by returning more money directly to their pockets.

Investing in Our Future Through Education 

My commitment to education has never been stronger, and I was proud to allocate $230 million to enhance teacher salaries, setting a new minimum salary of $47,000 for first-year teachers. This $4,500 increase from the current school year, along with $40 million for classroom materials, $35 million for school buses, and $20 million for school safety enhancements, reflects our dedication to fostering a safe and enriching learning environment for all students.

Elevating Higher Education 

I continue to strive for making higher education more accessible and affordable, with significant investments to freeze in-state tuition at public colleges and universities for the sixth consecutive year. Bolstering our scholarship programs and need-based grants with $60.7 million dedicated to tuition freezes and over $336 million allocated towards scholarships and grants, I am determined to ensure that financial barriers do not hinder our students’ aspirations.

Supporting Our Heroes 

Veterans and first responders hold a special place in this budget, with over $85 million dedicated to healthcare improvements and facilities to honor their service. Additionally, strategic funding has been allocated to bolster law enforcement capabilities, ensuring the safety of our communities. This includes a continued investment in raising the salaries of state officers, encouraging local departments to increase their compensation, thus benefiting law enforcement across the board.

Strengthening Infrastructure 

To ensure our rapidly growing state remains both connected and economically vibrant, I’ve championed a $200 million investment into our critical infrastructure, specifically targeting bridge improvements. With 528 million tons of freight moving annually across South Carolina, our highway system not only connects ports with major cities and commercial hubs but also supports the lifeblood of our state’s ports, businesses, and tourism industry. These funds are allocated with a strategic, corridor-specific approach to address the most urgent bridge needs. This investment is essential not just for our economy but also for the daily lives of every South Carolinian.

Fueling South Carolina’s Future with Energy Initiatives 

This year’s budget highlights our commitment to energy independence through the Department of Commerce’s “SC Nexus for Advanced Resilient Energy.” Recognized nationally, SC Nexus is pioneering in energy generation, distribution, and storage, aiming to make South Carolina self-reliant and a leader in sustainable energy. With key partnerships including Savannah River National Laboratory and major state universities, this initiative ensures our electrical grid’s sustainability without relying on neighboring states. This effort positions South Carolina as a beacon for energy investment and innovation, driving job creation and development in both urban and rural areas.

Commitment to Transparency and Open Communication

In every aspect of our legislative process, especially the budget, my commitment to transparency and accountability stands paramount. The journey of this budget from initial committee meetings and hearings has been open to public participation and scrutiny, ensuring you have a voice in how your tax dollars are utilized. Every step of this process, including detailed documents and discussions, is accessible online for your review. I am always available to address your questions or concerns and provide additional information on budget items if needed. Your trust in me to represent our values and priorities is a responsibility I take seriously, and I am dedicated to upholding that trust by ensuring our budgetary process is as open and accessible as possible.


Thank you for the opportunity to serve you. Through strategic investments and collaborative efforts, we continue to strengthen, safeguard, and enrich our beloved state for everyone.


Bill Hixon 
South Carolina House of Representatives
District 83
(803) 734-3022