Dear Friends,

This is a reminder that the Governor will be in North Augusta tomorrow at 3:00pm. I hope to see you there.

Governor Haley to Visit North Augusta:
Tuesday the 19th of July at 3:00pm, Governor Nikki Haley will come to the park at Hammonds Ferry for a bill signing ceremony. She is signing a bill that I authored this past Legislative Session. I am very happy and honored to welcome our Governor to North Augusta. The Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact was co-sponsored by over 30 colleagues on both sides of the isle. The bill calls for South Carolina to join the Interstate Wildlife Compact, which is like a drivers license compact. In the event you travel to another state and have a game or fishing violation, you will be treated as if you were in your home state; accept the citation from the officer and continue on your way. In the past, SC-DNR made a non-resident violator post bail on the spot or go to jail. This bill saves time and money for the game wardens. There is no cost for SC to join the Compact.

Below is a list of details about the Compact:

  • Assures non-residents from member states the same treatment as a resident for certain violations.
  • Convenient service for sportsman.
  • Increases the efficiency of Conservation Officers by allowing more time for enforcement duties rather than processing procedures.
  • Poachers are held more responsible for their illegal activities.  It can affect their privileges in all member states.
  • Fish and wildlife lawbreakers cannot escape consequences just by crossing a state line.
  • Reciprocal recognition of license suspension by member states.
  • Parallels the driver’s license compact.
  • No additional cost for personnel or equipment to participate in the compact.
  • There are no background checks associated with the IWVC.
  • Revocations have been shown to be a great deterrent to would-be wildlife law violators.